Monday, 19 March 2007

Hanoi still Hanoi

The weather here is overcast and cool, very cool, we have had to wear jumpers and rain macks to keep warm and have not seen the sun yet.
Off to Halong Bay soon, so will not be posting for 2 days.
Hanoi is a fascinating place,It is one of those places were just being there is the reward, to see people living on the edge of survival, I am not saying that the people are starving, however they are living hand to mouth and you have to see,to understand that.
I had read that the streets are lined with beggars and pickpockets and scams were common, but I have not experienced that at all,I have seen more beggars in London and have not felt unsafe despite wandering around the back streets and off the beaten tourist track.
Food, if you want good food, eat on the streets it is by far the best way to eat both cheap and tasty, the restaurant food is good but you loose that special interaction with the locals.
Buying fruit is a great way to interact either in the market or off one of the many lady hawkers who wander the streets and is a perfect way to experiment with the many unusual fruits.

The People are so friendly the smiles so large, nothing is any trouble for them if they can help you it makes them happy, if you take their picture they say thank you, they are truly wonderful people.
I will add photos on our return to England as the hotel computer is a tad slow.


maz said...

hey fill - it's the 23rd and still nothing from you- looks like they dropped you overboard into the cold waters of Halong and forgot to pick you up
hope you're having fun over there

snake said...

Yeah where are you?!