Saturday, 24 March 2007

Back to Hanoi

Return train journey uneventful, got shoes cleaned for 33p or 10000 dong at Lao Cai station haggled him down from 30000 dong or 1 pound.
Back at golden Sun now using free internet and waiting for taxi to Airport.
The flights to Hue we are travelling Business class s all economy seats booked up, well when I say we, I really mean Susan and myself, because they had 2 economy seats for Paul and Mimi LOL.
the difference in price is economy $60 business $80 per ticket.
Will post again after Hue.

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SmileySonia said...

You've gone a bit quiet. Where are you? How's it going?
What's the food like? Hope you're not still suffering with deli belly.
Watch out for our reports on from 3/4/07